Voice Actor

ADR Animation (Dubbing)

Yuti Cheat Skill Shawnn Gann Crunchyroll

Yushii KamiKatsu Jerry Jewell Crunchyroll

Kayakusa Dead Mount Death Play Jason Lord Crunchyroll

Kosha I Shall Survive Using Potions! Shawn Gann Crunchyroll

Mokke After-School Hanako-Kun Jad Saxton Crunchyroll

Courtesan Apothecary Diaries Shawn Gann Crunchyroll

Additional Voices AYAKA Helena Walstrom Crunchyroll

Additional Voices Sacrifical Princess Jonathan Rigg Crunchyroll

Additional Voices Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence Morgan Lauré Garrett Crunchyroll

Additional Voices TenPuru Mike McFarland Crunchyroll

Additional Voices Masamunekun's Revenge Jad Saxton Crunchyroll

Additional Voices Shangri La Frontier Jason Lord Crunchyroll

Additional Voices Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent Dallas Reid Crunchyroll

Additional Voices I'm in Love with the Villainess Emily Fajardo Crunchyroll

Additional Voices The Foolish Angel Dances with the DevilJonathan Rigg Crunchyroll

TBA TBA TBA Crunchyroll

Video Games



Mar Vindictive Drive 2 Bokensha Studio

Archaos Starflint PANTANG Studios

TBA Midnight Margo Faravid Interactive

Original Productions

Susan Lumeon Lands Daniel Sprohnle

Sae FlipHeads Timely Creations

Alien Fan Karen of the Cosmos Makai Brown

Additional Voices Snot Girl A Pretty Bizarre  Production

Additional Voices WildCard Series Alex Bahrawy

Friend Daddy's Love Chelsea St. Cyr

Friend Mean Girls C. Wills


Jacy Holidays: Toy Family Metro by T-Mobile

AVO Big Brother/Downy Downy

AVO PopTarts Digitas



Audio Dramas

Adam Kelly (kid) The Terra Arcanum Chronicles HopelessOpus

Flight Attendant Departure C. Wills


-->Animation Workshop The VO Pros Ned Lott

-->Video Games The VO Pros Jeremy Hall

-->Dallas Intensive Workshop SJS Sara J Sherman

Video Game Workshop The VO Pros Stephen Carr

Animation Workshop Kristin Paiva Julie Thompson

Anime ADR Adventures in Voice Acting Dorah Fine

Actor Workout StudioNPC Caitlin Glass

Gacha Games Workshop Real Voice LA Kira Buckland

Private Animation Workshop Access Talent Workshop Kristin  Paiva

Casting for Video Games Sound on Studio Samantha Morrison

Advanced Bookings with JRPGs Sound on Studio Katelyn Gault

VideoGame Workouts (4 series) Private Erin Nicole Lundquist

Art & Craft of Dubbing for Anime Bangzoom Studios Mami Okada

Online Character Workout Real Voice LA Matthew David Rudd

VO With the Pros Iolite Studioz Anthony Bowling, Jonathan Rigg, Bryan Massey, Austin Sisk

Online Character Workout Real Voice LA Kaitlyn Robrock

Acting for Anime Shut up and Talk Lisa Ortiz

June ADR Workshop Jose Sandoval Jill Harris, Sarah Roach, Dallas Reid, Jose Sandoval, Stevie Rae

What Directors Want Sound on Studio Christian La Monte

VO Workshop Crispin Freeman Prod Crispin Freeman

VO for Everyone: Anime* Private Joel McDonald

VO  for Animation & Games TheHalpNetwork Brook Chalmers

Audition Techniques* Private Rachel Messer

Auditioning for Anime Strawberry Hill Studio Marissa Lenti

VO for Everyone: Video Games* Private Joel McDonald

Love Interests & Romance Strawberry Hill Studio Amber Lee Connors

Creatures and Monsters Strawberry Hill Studio Wendee Lee

Creating your Video- TheHalpNetwork Andrea Toyias

Game Battle Chest

VO with the Pros Iolite Studioz Todd Haberkorn, Kiba Walker, Jonathan Rigg, Bryan Massey

Voice Acting Workshop Iolite Studioz Aaron Roberts

Intermediate Voice Acting* Plague Mask Players Shawn Gann & Caitlin Glass

Acting with the Voices Iolite Studioz Emi Lo, Jason Lord, Barry Yandell, &  Bryan Massey

In the Booth Lessons Iolite Studioz Rawly Pickens, Wendy Powell, Jose Sandoval, & Bryan Massey

Intro to Improv Iolite Studioz Krystal LaPorte

Voice over Tips & Tricks Iolite Studioz Kyle Phillips & Clifford Chapin

Intro to Anime VO Voice Acting Knights Barry Yandell

Intro to Animation Voice Acting Knights Erin Fitzgerald

Intro to Commercial Voice Acting Knights Jean Donaldson

->Notes an upcoming class

*Notes an audit spot or any classes where there was no active VO participation by me

Private Coaching

Anime Dubbing Plague Mask Players Shawn Gann

Video Game VO Skillshub Brook Chalmers

Audition Work Private Erin Lundquist

Audition Work Skillshub Melissa Grillo

Anime/Audition Work Private Kiba Walker

Animation VO Skillshub Sara Secora

Commercial VO Skillshub Sara Craven

Vocal/Singing Private Natasha Bekker